Monday, April 1, 2013

Gabby's health journal - Part 3 - first month report

After finishing my first juice fast, I continued with healthy eating and regular exercise (mainly walking several kilometres per day).  I have had a vegie/fruit juice for breakfast each day and been eating my normal vegetarian food for the other two meals.  Also eating more salads.  I am not "dieting", but am eating a "healthy diet".

In the first month, I have lost 2kg and my blood pressure is in the 125-135/75-80 range.  My pulse rate is usually in the low 50's in the morning, but goes up to around 60 later in the day.  I'm happy with this progress, but expect my blood pressure to reduce further when my weight drops below 90kg.

Although I haven't lost much weight yet, I feel a lot better than I was.  Sometimes I almost feel a lightness in my step when I go walking. I am decreasing my medication (at my rheumatologist's suggestion) slowly - now injecting every 30 hours instead of every 24 hours and have experienced no problems.

I bought a new juicer - an Oscar Neo cold-pressed type - which also makes nut butters, hommus, bliss balls, pasta, etc.  I love it!  Am sprouting like crazy - fenugreek is my favourite - and have started soaking wheat berries to make rejuvelac.  Also making my own yogurt, hommus and nut butter.

Today I've started another short juice fast and feel pretty good.  I drink around 64 oz juice per day (four large glasses) (plus water and herbal tea).  The time taken to juice this much in one go is 28 minutes from start to finish.  This includes fruit/vegetable preparation time, juicing, cleaning up the juicer parts and reassembling.  It would be a lot faster with a centrifugal juicer, but I prefer the quieter start to my day + more juice extracted and less oxidation.

The chooks don't like the fruit/vegie pulp!  They peck at it a couple of times then walk away.  I'm wondering if the blue tongue lizard will eat it.  Will have to start putting it into muffins, etc.

Am meditating for an hour most mornings.


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