Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gabby's health journal - November 2014

Well, it's been over a year since I last wrote a health journal entry.

I returned to injecting Kineret daily for a while, but now I've cut it back again to every 32 hours and have been happily at that level for a few months.

Things are going pretty well, although my MGUS (protein spike) went up from 7 to 9, but is still within the "monitoring" level. Apart from that and the occasional migraine, I'm feeling well.  Daily walking (at least 6km), gardening, Feldenkrais classes (wonderful), yoga, stretching and sensible eating are reaping benefits. After a blip with my weight where I ballooned to 95kg, it is coming down (82kg), with about 12kg more to lose; and my blood pressure likewise went up and down with my weight.

I have eliminated most dairy foods from my diet and I haven't eaten eggs for years. So, I'm almost vegan, but still have the occasional piece of feta or ricotta.  Have started taking B12 supplements. Also, I have increased the amount of raw, organic food in my diet, using a spiralizer and julienne slicer a lot; and am growing leafy greens in my garden.  My favourite raw food at the moment is julienned carrot/beetroot/kumara/parsnip/pumpkin/radish (or whatever I have); thinly sliced capsicum; shredded kale or spinach; pinenuts; walnuts; sultanas or cranberries; all dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and sesame oil. Sometimes I stir through some fermented kraut. Add half an avocado on the side and that's it.

I've also bought a personal blender (NOT a Nutribullet) for making great smoothies, grinding seeds, etc. YUM! Another kitchen/health investment is a water filter - a ceramic one made by a local family company (Durand). How did I ever live without all these bits and pieces before?

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