Monday, August 30, 2010


If you meet the buddha on the way, kill him.  (Zen saying)


The stranger stopped to ask: "Are you the buddha?"

"That's a strange question.  Why do you ask?"

"Because I need to find the buddha so that I can attain enlightenment.  I've given up attachments like he said, but I still don't seem to be getting anywhere."

"There's still one attachment you're holding onto."

"No, I've given up everything ... possessions, sex, money, you name it.  I've nothing left."

"Drop the buddha!"


"You're clinging onto the buddha, his words, his being, his dharma.  They're weighing you down, holding you back."

"But without them, I am completely without hope,"

"Then, just be without hope."

"But I'd despair."

"Then, just despair."

"Bah!" spat the stranger.  "What do you know?  You're just a nobody."

The stranger continued on his way, leaving the buddha alone again.  Ah, what a beautiful day for a walk.

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