Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPRING AND RAIN ... some poetry, mainly haiku

Rain always brings
a rush of poetry
to my heart

With spring comes
a livening
of the spirit
and I feel one
with green things

Winter is over
I sit on the stairs at night
 once again

Rainy day
the soggy earth
squelching underfoot

Spring brings
an outrage of
nasturtium flowers

Nasturtium flowers
looking back at me
through the rain

the violet flowers
for itself

Spring in this land of
its subtle changes

Dark glossy leaves and
the tender pink flush of spring
lilly-pilly tree

Here a small pansy
clinging close to the earth
and there a tall tree

City pollution
disappearing for a while
as the rain comes down

The sweet earth
the falling rain
 and her children

Soft leaves of green herbs
nestled in straw coloured mulch
catching raindrops

In the gentle rain
bright green mint leaves quiver
as the drops fall

Rusty guttering
rain water drip-dropping
onto the earth

Marigold circle
bright yellow flowers smiling
at the sun

My soul lives down where
the dark moist leaves decompose
on the forest floor

Forest floor
wet leaves
return to the soil

The oriole calls
to remind me that spring
is here again

The paper-thin skin
on my old woman's hands
softly wrinkling

This cracked old wall
toeholds in the crevices
for mosses and ferns

Spring returning
the dragonfly bends the reed
 of the bulrush

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