Friday, September 3, 2010


This week's Friday Flash Fiction #41 starts with the sentence : "He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk."  Here's my version:


He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk.

“You swine! You rotten swine!” I spat.

His sickening leer deepened into something that could not be described as a smile. More than a smirk, this look had oozed up from the slimy recesses of his dark brain. It did not belong on someone’s face. “I’ve got you now” he thought. “You are in my power.”

I’d been working in the office for about a month. I thought he was cute and was kinda thrilled when he asked me out. He’d been oh-so-charming when he wined and dined me. I’d always been a sucker for a smooth talker and, having drunk a few glasses of wine too many, had giggled my way back to his place.

Thinking back, I blamed the alcohol for my lack of inhibition; but hey, who am I kidding? I would have had sex with him no matter what. It was only afterwards that I realised what he was really like and had spurned all his further advances. But mistakes made in the heat of the moment always come back to bite you in the bum.

He revealed that he had a hidden camera in his bedroom. Sexual blackmail was his game and he was threatening to post the pic on the office noticeboard and to email it around. “I’ll leave this lovely photo with you to help you contemplate your future” he said.

My brain went into a spin ... but then I had an idea. He would regret trying this one on me. “Thank God for modern technology” I thought. I scanned the photo into my laptop and did some “strategic” manipulation. I reduced “that part of his body of which he was most proud” to miniscule proportions and replaced my face with the face of the boss’s wife.

Now I was the one who was smirking.

I walked in and slid the photograph along his desk and said “How would you like to see that on the office noticeboard?”

“You swine! You rotten swine!” he spat.


  1. Ha! Nice one, Gabby. A very smart lady indeed. Loved the total switch. Well done.

  2. Two can play that game, eh? Cool story!

  3. She got him good! Really enjoyed the way she turned the tables on him and in a most appropriate way! Great story.

  4. I've got to learn how to use photoshop. Great tale dear.


  5. Ha! Excellent! I'm glad she was able to get her own back - I expect most of the women reading this wold be cheering.....!

  6. If you can't trust technology what can you trust? Seriously, fun story.

  7. Talk about a twist. Seems altough dulled by alcohol, she is pretty quick on her feet when sober. Good for her.



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